Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Are meta tags really dead?

There are multiple openions and school of thoughts whether to add meta tags on your web page since major search engines have changed the algorithm for ranking websites. The reason being, the title and other meta tags have been misused by webmasters as avenues of stuffing the keywords in order to get higher ranking is search engines.

Now since ranking critiea of major search engines have changed but still title and meta tags have relevance in search engine ranking.

Please be informed that Title tag is actually not the meta tag and holds a lot of weight with Google and other engines.

While Google no longer consider description tag for ranking purposes, it is still an important element to include on every page.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that, just because this tag no longer holds ranking value, it shouldn’t contain keyphrases.  By all means, it should.

The keyword tag hasn’t been used since the mid-1990s.  It doesn’t hurt to put a few phrases in this tag, including perhaps some common misspellings, but it won’t help your rankings one bit.


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